Structured Network Cabling

structured cablingA structured Network Cabling system is a telecommunication infrastructure consisting of data, voice and video communication cabling assembly, equipment rooms, telecommunication rooms, all cabling pathways and any other telecommunication equipment, machine or facility involved in this set up. It is supposed to be a one-time long lasting, fast, efficient and reliable business investment.
Connectivity and Communication are the most important contributors to the long term success of any business today.

Structure Network Cabling

A well laid structured network cabling system that improve your connectivity and enhances your communication with your customers is worth any investment.
Improve your competiveness, have an edge over others by having an efficient, fast, reliable life-long network infrastructure designed and installed by professionals.

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  1. Entrance facilities setup
  2. Equipment rooms set-ups
  3. Telecommunication rooms set-ups
  4. Vertical / Horizontal Back-bone Cables Path Ways Setups (Ducts, trunking, Cable trays, Cable racks etc.)
  5. Vertical and Horizontal Back-bone Cabling
  6. Strucrured Cabling InstallerMaintenance holes and Hand holes
  7. Work stations outlets and Cabling termination, fiber optic cable splicing Etc.
  8. Communication equipment and Machine setups and Configurations.
  9. Servers, Manageable and Un-Manageable network Switch, Wireless AP and other Network equipment set up and configuration.
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