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IP Camera System

ET 200PT27In the event that an intrusion does occur, CCTV surveillance provides security teams with ample evidence, which greatly aids in investigations and asset recovery initiatives. IP cameras allow you to monitor the workplace on your mobile phone, tablet, or PC in real-time.

When integrated with our access control systems, CCTV cameras provide you with visual confirmation of any individuals entering or leaving any restricted areas within your premises. In this instance, the camera is programmed to capture the image of any individual who goes past any access control point within the building, providing you with a visual log of someone’s location, and the time they were there.

Our CCTV solutions can also be integrated with intruder alarms. In this case, the cameras would be programmed to only begin recording once they detect any motion, while simultaneously triggering the alarm. Once you have our CCTV surveillance within your premises, it doesn’t matter where you go; it will feel like you’ve never left.

LAW 4488Our IP camera systems are designed to be easy to install and include everything needed for a complete IP surveillance system. Each system includes a network video recorder (NVR), IP security cameras, premade cat5e patch cables, a PoE network switch, and an optional display monitor. The graphical user interface of the NVR is easy to navigate using the USB mouse that is included.

In addition to the systems that you see on this page, our Pros can also provide a customized quote based on your specific requirements.

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